From my childhood and as far as i remember, I am always interested in the Photography and has good observations towards Nature. Being from the family where studying is priority, i became an Engineer. Because of my interest in Photography, i slowly nurtured in this field and started using mobile as a tool to capture moments. But then few years later, I bought my first DSLR. I was keen on learning it. I went through all the literature i could find and started exploring Nature, Landscape, Wildlife around Me. After years of exploring and understanding the gear fully, i decided to switch to full frame cameras. Currently, i am having Canon 5D MARK IV and I am loving it.

I love being outside in Nature. Specially exploring the world around you in different conditions, weather and the way it affects each photograph. I am very much looking forward to explore every part of world and love outdoor sports and activities.

In early days, took many macro or floral images but with time i liked doing Landscape and Nature Photography too. I like exploring by the sea side and mountains, take in everything around me and photograph what i see. I also like to Photograph Trees and Woods. It is really amazing to see how the nature changes with the seasons.

Enjoy Photography !